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Do You Really Need More Of This?

Information. We think we need more, but really we don't. Most of us are like squirrels and information is our acorns. We go around getting as much as we can, making sure we don't miss anything (there is so much!) but much like how squirrels don't even remember where they stored 70% of their acorns... We don't actually take action on most of the information we gather. Do you really need me to tell you to eat 3 lean protein and veggie based meals a day and avoid mindless snacking? You probably already knew that was a good idea if you are trying to get healthy and lose fat. The real question is are we taking consistent action on that kind of information? I could be wrong, though. You might be someone who needs more information... But if you think you would benefit from less information and more accountability towards taking action and being consistent then you are just like our clients at Coastal Strength & Fitness. You have probably seen the dozens and dozens of transformation stories we have on our website and social media... The key to every single one of those was getting them to take consistent action. The information we give never changes and isn't very complicated (we know what works and stick to it). Make action the main part of what you do. If you do this and do it well, I guarantee you will make more progress than you ever have before. Dedicated to your success, Gary Deagle PS: If you're ready to finally stop the info gathering and take more action click here.


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