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Your Final Destination?

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Achieving a lean and fit body is not the final destination we are indeed after. Yes, losing that 20 pounds or accomplishing that exercise with the challenging weight you have been working on for months is incredible... But the real magic of what we do in the gym is what it enables us to do everywhere else. It gives us the confidence to ask for that raise at work... Go paddleboarding next time our friends ask... Wear the outfit you thought you would never, ever buy... Get back the everyday confidence you had in your 20s... The gym allows us to live confident. Gaining the confidence to do all the things in life we want to experience is the destination we are after. If you think working out and eating healthy is not worth the trouble and you dont care about being 'one of those' fitness freaks... Then you are approaching fitness with the wrong mindset. Start taking note of all the things (non-gym related) you shy away from or wish you were doing... Those things are what fitness can do for you. Living your life without physical and mental doubt and limitation is the final destination. Not burpees. :) What is something you want to do with more confidence? Dedicated to your success, Coach Gary Deagle


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