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Taking Meaningful Action and Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus with Kim Holloway

On episode #2 of Fit For Life Radio, we are diving in with our guest Kim Holloway on the importance of taking meaningful action and tips for overcoming weight loss plateaus.

Kim is a full-time working wife and mother of one who has lost over 60 pounds. The coaches get into topics focusing on the plateaus of weight loss, the perils of doing too much and losing focus, as well as the importance of consistency vs intensity.

Topics include:

  • Where is Ben?

  • Kim’s all or nothing extreme nature

  • What Kim’s singing career and weight loss journey had in common

  • The key strategy that was a catalyst to her 60lb weight loss

  • Kims first major injury setback in her early workout days and why it was Demi Moore’s fault

  • The importance of understanding the lifestyle required for certain goals

  • Gathering information vs taking meaningful action

  • How getting consistent worked better than always being intense

  • Why the main benefit to having a coach has been making her focus on the simple things

  • The disconnect of KNOWING what to do vs doing it

  • Why changing things at a plateau doesn’t always work

  • The struggle of being bored and unmotivated with the process

  • Why Kim’s husband Rob is the greatest

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Want To Learn More?

If you’ve enjoyed this episode of Fit For Life Radio and need help getting focused on your goals, prioritizing your healthy habits, and always seem to be overwhelmed and spinning your wheels ….

We have a program that’s designed to give you the assistance you need… get trainer guided workouts along with eating and lifestyle habit coaching to teach you what it takes to start getting results and enjoying your life. If you’re ready to step it up and take things to the next level, let’s see what we can do to help.


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