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The Transition From Training for Sport to Life with Patrick Burns

Patrick Burns

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to training to be fit for life is staying focused when you don't have some grand event or sport.

We chat with former Coastal intern and coach, Patrick Burns, on this very subject. Patrick was a college soccer player who worked out and trained his entire life for the sport. Now, since he is graduated and his competitive soccer career is over he found himself at a crossroads.

Listen as we discuss how he handled that transition, along with moving from Virginia to Miami, Florida. Patrick also talks about working with his clients at a big fancy gym in Miami and some of the strategies he uses with clients aiming to look and feel their best.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Big city life

  • Transitioning from college to the 'real world'

  • When Patrick realized he didn't have anything to specifically train for

  • The culture shock difference from Virginia to Miami

  • Why it is okay to train for maintenance

  • Why you can't train for absolute strength forever

  • The importance of social media as a trainer

  • What is Patrick's spirit animal?

  • Reflecting on his time at Coastal Strength & Fitness

  • Ben's song of the week

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