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Secrets From Tom Brady...

newport news trainer tom brady

You don't have to be a huge sports fan to know who Tom Brady is. You are probably aware that he is a professional football player and one of the best, if not the best player of all time. The ironic thing is he is not particularly the best at any of the physical skills one associates with being 'the best' at his sport. He isn't the strongest... He isn't the fastest... He isn't the biggest... But in an interview, he mentioned his secret was focusing on his process and being the most prepared. Who woulda thunk... the best football players of all times #1 skill is being the best at preparation. He doesn't spend any time thinking about winning Superbowls (yet, he has won the most) but instead focuses on being prepared and enjoying the journey with his teammates. Let's think about that for a second and how a Tom Brady mindset can benefit us and our healthy lifestyle pursuit. We can easily frustrate ourselves because we aren't naturally a gym rat who loves being at the gym and eating grilled chicken and broccoli all day. Yet, we still want to get lean & fit and live with confidence... So instead of wasting time down in the dumps because we aren't naturally 'the best' doesn't mean we can't develop skills that will get us to our goal anyway. This is where we take a page out of the Tom Brady playbook and focus on being prepared:

  • schedule our workouts ahead of time in a calendar

  • pack our gym back the night before

  • meal prep our healthy lunches for the week

  • set a bedtime to be in the sheets by

Now that we have done some planning and preparing we focus on executing the plan and don't worry about anything is. We recruit some friends... Maybe hire a coach... Having a community working towards the same goal for extra support and accountability will help deepen our purpose and make all this healthy living stuff even more worth it and increase our likely hood of succeeding. What do you think? Could you benefit from being better prepared? Dedicated to your success, Coach Gary Deagle


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