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How To Control Your Environment and Live Fit with Madeline Klajnbart

Do you feel like everyday is just an out of control mess and the world is working against you and your health & fitness goals?

Then you will want to check out episode #7 of Fit For Life Radio as we chat with our guest Madeline Klajnbart. She is a mom of twin boys and in the past was a military wife dealing with plenty of moving around the country. Madeline has always been dedicated to living a lean, healthy lifestyle and making it work no matter the circumstance. Her experiences through the transitions of life make for a great interview and provide a ton of great tips!

Listen as we discuss:

  • How to pronounce Madeline's last name... Klajnbart

  • Coach Gary is a twin?!

  • The challenge with moving and starting from scratch each time

  • When she fell in love with group style training and why

  • Stroller Boot Camp??!! (Does Coach Ben have a new future?)

  • The importance of giving yourself grace with your nutrition during life changes

  • How Madeline balances flexibility and making good decisions

  • The power of having a supportive significant other

  • How she handles 'The Struggle' of eating your kids leftovers

  • The key rule Madeline makes for herself

  • The importance of preparation and being prepared

  • Is Coach Ben pregnant?

  • Why you are normal for having no self control

  • Madeline's kids love healthy food... her tips for getting to this point

  • Fad diet dogma and how to not fall for the traps

  • The importance of finding what works for YOU

  • Will's slow transition to liking Country music

  • Ben's song of the week

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