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Don't Exercise To Lose Weight...

Fix your diet to lose weight. :) (Does your gym help you with that?)

Why exercise?

Exercise (physical activity) is an essential element for good health, physical & mental performance, emotional health, and healthy aging.

Embrace exercise as the powerful tool that it is and stop looking at it as some form of punishment to force off body fat and punish ourselves for feeling guilty about something we ate.

Exercise deserves better than that...

Also, exercise provides all the mentioned benefits even in moderation.

That's right...

No need to give it up (or not start) because you can't be the next CrossFit champion or world record powerlifter, elite bodybuilder, or Guinness record burpee machine.

Exercise doesn't have to be extreme.

It just needs to be done...

Consistently. And the only way for that to happen is actually to enjoy it. Exercise should not be a stressful chore, but instead, an hour we are excited for. At Coastal our clients rave about how much they look forward to coming in, chatting with the coaches, seeing their friends, and having some laughs for the day. It is great to have that place between work and home to kind of transition and eliminate the stresses of the day. Do you notice you are in a better mood at home when you have that 'third place' to go besides work and home? Dedicated to your success, Coach Gary


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