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Protein Banana Pancakes

A staple breakfast for most peeps is a protein shake or eggs. Sometimes this can get old or you just need to switch it up from time to time. A common changeup a lot of people use are these simple banana pancakes. There are a million variations, but this is a good starting point. The key is not comparing them to real pancakes. They are tasty in their own right, but not real pancakes.

So give them a chance. :)

Protein Banana Pancakes


1 scoop vanilla protein powder 2 eggs 1 ripe banana cinnamon to taste

cooking spray optional: berries to top

Mix everything together in a bowl with a fork or whisk(oh you fancy huh') and make sure the banana is all mashed up.

Preheat a pan over medium heat. Then spray the pan with some nonstick cooking spray (coconut is a great choice)

Add the batter mixture to the pan in little pancake sized amounts. Once they start to bubble a bit it is time to flip. Finish them off on the second side for a minute or two. They are then ready to serve!

If you feel inclined you can top them with some berries. Save the syrup for real pancakes when it counts. These are more for a regular breakfast and/or change of pace from a typical way of preparing eggs or protein powder.

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