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3-Point Checklist: Breaking A Frustrating Plateau

“I haven’t seen the scale move in weeks!”

This is so frustrating!

You put in the same hard work that got you here, but now the results are few and far between.

Why is it no longer working?

Are you doing something wrong?

The answer is: probably not.

Today, open up the view on yourself with our 3 point checklist and look at where you have come from, where you are, and where you are going.

1. Where you have come from:

First things first. Congratulations on your progress! In order to ‘hit a wall’, you need to be moving!

It’s possible that the lack of celebration in your accomplishments could be the reason you are feeling stuck right now!

Remember what you used to do all week?

Sit around on the couch...

Remember what you used to eat or how you moved?

A lot and a little...

Remember how you felt getting in and out of your car?

It might have been your "workout" for the day...

Remember how you felt lifting something heavy?

Maybe I will just leave it here until I can get help...

You have made extraordinary changes in your lifestyle, and I’m sure your body and mood are showing it. Take a few breaths, smile, and be proud of yourself at this moment!

2. Where you are:

There is a sure fire way to gain traction again, but it is NOT easy.


Honesty is the only real way to answer the questions. You have to be ready to admit the good, the bad and the ugly.

Some bad habits tend to hide in our life. Let’s sweep out the corners and see what comes to light.

99% of the time the answer is in something you are ignoring, not some magical silver bullet you are missing out on.

Are you getting enough consistent sleep?

Is your snack time filled with processed sugar "health" bars instead of whole fruit?

Are you getting in 3 days a week of exercise?

Take a good look and see if you can identify any type of roadblock.

Do not beat yourself up!

You are taking an honest look at your life, not Ronda Rousey-ing a punching bag.

Pick one weakness and begin to work it out.

3. Where you are going:

This is a pretty exciting thought.

At the rate you have been going, you will achieve your goal relatively soon and live out your days in good health, and be strong and happy!

Most people get caught up in the day to day. But, a true body transformation and lifestyle change can take 1-2 years. This may seem like a long time, but in the big picture it is not that long.

Weight loss, specifically FAT LOSS.... is not a linear process. It has up's and downs, but in the end when the right habit's are in place it will happen.

Now what?

Your attitude and focus is on course...

Pick one thing and begin to work on it.

Keep being patient.

Remember, you are doing a lot of things right. You have most likely been enjoying the journey so I would encourage you to continue.

Remember that goal underneath the scale numbers and the six pack has to do with your happiness.

That is something you can do on a daily basis while inching closer to that ideal you.

If you feel like you need help with frustration or a road map then schedule a strategy session with us and sit down for a chat. We can teach you more about our gym and get you started on a trial to see if it is the best fit for you!

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