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Coastal Strength & Fitness is more than a gym, it's a COMMUNITY of SUPPORT, education, and positive encouragement to achieve your goal's.
We will help you develop better habits, a positive mindset, improve your confidence and help you become the best version of you by becoming stronger in all aspects of your life. Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Relationships, Strong Spirit.

Why Coastal?

  • Supportive Community


  • Caring, Professional Coaches


  • Accountability to YOUR Fitness Goals


  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


  • Proven Record of Success

Happy clients at Coastal Strength & Fitness


Bayberry Shopping Center

980 J Clyde Morris Blvd. 

Newport News, VA 23601

Our Training Program

Anyone can make you tired and break you down.


Training should be something that leaves you with more energy and enhances all aspects of your life.


Our workouts are focused on losing body fat, gaining strength, and improving heart health through a blend of strength & conditioning workouts. We are here to help you improve your body, mind and achieve goals that are worth chasing.


Our group training program is much more than workouts. You see, the fitness industry thrives on luring people with the “magic pill” or “insane workout”. Getting you to think if they just do this one special thing that it is the singular difference that has been missing and keeping you from success.


Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy.


Our program is for those you are ready to commit to real change. Change takes a commitment and perseverance that we know you are capable of.

Each client has unique strengths, weaknesses, struggles and obstacles.


We handle this by focusing on providing world class coaching not only within the workouts but also outside of the workouts. Resources for our clients to use the other 23 hours of the day to encourage and support your lifestyle changes.


This support and accountability are what sets us apart.


We put an emphasis on being able to coach people through habit and behavior change…the real key to unlocking your best results.


The workouts will challenge you to gain strength you did not know existed.


 Our philosophy at Coastal involves the use of compound functional movements done in a density or circuit-training format for maximum fat loss and strength improvement.


Only the most effective exercises are done at Coastal — without wasting any time learning complex, frustrating exercises that increase your chance of injury, slow down your progress and are just plain ineffective exercises for 90% of the population — which is why we are able to deliver significantly safer, longer lasting and better results.


·         You will make friends that support you, push you and hold you accountable.

·         We will make sure you feel comfortable! There is no uneasiness or intimidation at Coastal.

·         You will boost energy, reduce stress, improve your posture, and be prepared for the demands of everyday life

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