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Why You Should Get Some Of This

Let's unpack what 'this' is from a recent comment in one of our member facebook groups...

If you have been reading our emails for awhile, you are probably familiar with me preaching the importance of planning & preparing, not worrying about perfection, and having accountability.

Jessica's most recent success packs in all these things.

1. She missed her Monday workout, but no biggie, she will just make it up the next day. (Things don't go perfect, just do your best)

2. She is taking part in our 6-week accountability challenge that focuses on some simple skills to help make this lean living thing possible.

We are merely working on some meal prep over the weekend and having a "Coastal Approved" breakfast.

Nothing else.

No expectation of eliminating entire food groups or using fancy supplements and detoxes...

Just a little prep work and change in eating habits. :)

3. All of her efforts are her own, but lots of accountability anchor them. She gets daily text messages from a coach asking if she did her habit the day before. She is part of a buddy challenge and shares in her goals with her buddy and the rest of the gym all working towards getting a little bit better.

The super accountability duo of having a professional coach and social support is unbeatable.

Jessica knows that if she missed two workouts in a row, someone would be asking her where she has been...

Can you say the same about your gym or current situation?

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Gary


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