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Why do we do this one thing to ourselves...

Newport News Gym Stepup


We can support others and truly believe in them...

Know something is possible from seeing success stories and reading details about how someone accomplished it...

But then when it comes to us doing it, we are filled with doubt.

We take the time to gather the facts, make a plan, and then never pull the trigger...

Because what if we fail?

It is too risky to put yourself out there, right?

I mean, we know it can be accomplished...

So if we try and fail then what does that say about us?

Well, all of us think like this.

That is why I have found at Coastal Fitness one of our main goals is to truly get a client to believe they CAN and WILL succeed.

Gaining true confidence and switching your mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset is everything.

One that embraces the challenge and understands there will be some failure along the way, but ultimately YOU WILL succeed.

This mindset shift leads to taking action.

And luckily for us...

Action eliminates doubt 100% of the time.

The key is taking action on the right strategies and tactics. The ones you know you should be doing. Not the quick-fix, too good to be true shortcuts...

How can you take action today to eliminate the doubt?

Dedicated to your success,

Gary Deagle


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