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Which One Are You?

Let's think back to our childhood real quick... Maybe a time when we were learning a new sport or hobby. Remember the first day? It probably didn't go so well... We were a beginner and everything was difficult, clumsy, and frustrating. But we kept coming back until it got easier and we got better. Quitting wasn't even an option, we were so focused on figuring it out... We had a growth mindset. Then as we grow up and tend to quit at the first sign of failure or un-comfort we start to develop a 'fixed' mindset. What happened to us!? Do you see yourself nowadays as having a growth or fixed mindset? With a growth mindset, we embrace challenges, persist through setbacks, and seek to learn from criticism. Leading to achieving more. With a fixed mindset, we avoid challenges, give up easily, ignore feedback... And achieve less. When we meet with new clients at the gym one of the first things we notice is how many of us are operating out of a fixed mindset. It isn't lack of effort and getting started with working out or eating more veggies that is the problem... The biggest obstacle is when it gets challenging, how do we react? We miss a planned workout because our kids get sick... Have a bad day at work and come home to a quart of ice cream out of habit... This is why we focus on breeding a positive culture at the gym that encourages accountability & feedback. From day one we want you to get comfortable with realizing its okay not to be perfect and feeling good about learning and applying. Slowly going from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. You know, like when we were kids. :) Living a lean, healthy, fit life takes practice and is hard. There will be challenges and setbacks. How we handle them is the real key. Start working on having a growth mindset today. Dedicated to your success, Gary Deagle PS: If you want help and accountability from our team of coaches and clients with developing your growth mindset with your body & fitness and make your 2018 goals a reality schedule a Strategy Session with us by clicking here.


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