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What Really Works

A few days ago while scrolling through the ole' Facebook feed, I noticed a post where someone was talking about taking apple cider vinegar shots to lose weight... Really? Deep down you think that is what you have been missing? No know you need to move more or eat less... But maybe we can just whack back a shot each morning from a $3 bottle, and we are set. Trust me... If it did work that way, then apple cider vinegar would cost A LOT more money. The truth is we will eventually need to change our lifestyle if we don't want to end up in the same place. Ever wonder why more than 80% of people who get surgeries like lipo/tummy tucks and stomach staples end up gaining the fat back and more? It is because we didn't address the lifestyle habits that created the environment we wanted to change. What Really Works: - daily physical activity - eating the proper amount of nutritious foods majority of the time - getting enough sleep - doing these things consistently That's it, folks. Simple, but not easy. Most of us struggle to execute this simple plan by ourselves. A lot of times it takes having our friends and family on the same page. Having social and environmental support is the key to achieving just about anything of significance. If you have been doing the yo-yo thing over the years and thinking it is your fault, it's not. I will go out on a limb and say I bet you have typically tried going to the local 'globo-gym' and trying to figure out the exercise thing by your self, usually ending up on the treadmill. Or, gotten one of those exercise videos with the hyper instructors and tried to muster your willpower to do them at home... alone. You missing piece is the coaching, accountability, and community. To see how much easier it is to change your lifestyle for the better with a team of coaches and community of members all on your side go here to get started with a trial:

Dedicated to your success, Coach Gary


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