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The Struggle Is Real

#thestruggleisreal That is what a client brought to my attention this weekend. I think it is appropriate to use the hashtag because hashtags are for sharing... And the struggle is something we all share. This fitness thing is tricky because we all want to see the success stories, exciting body changes, amazing physical feats... These peak moments that symbolize what can be accomplished... But that is the catch in itself... They are just peak MOMENTS... Surrounded by much more moments of struggle, doubt, and uncertainty. In fact, these lulls start to set in the longer you do it. Much of the peak moments come in the first 1-3 years of consistently doing it; then after that, they are few and far in-between. This is what makes maintaining results much more difficult than achieving them, in my opinion. No more weekly PR's. (Yearly if you are lucky) No more pats on the back from visible progress made. (Being lean & fit is what people expect from you at this point) No more scale, picture, and measurements victories every other week to feel great about. (You are at your ideal size) So whats the point!?!? Simply because this you is healthier, mentally, and physically stronger than the old you. I am getting off track... The point is knowing that struggle with 'why do I do this' after the peak moments and when you are even just trying to get going to achieve those peak moments, is most definitely real. Remember when you see any success, that is just the highlight reel.

Like how we can flip on the news and see all the touchdown plays from the Super Bowl, but we dont see all the games they lost during the season. Or even all the bad plays from that game and times that went wrong.

Success is always backed by blood, sweat, tears... aka struggle. And a lot more time was spent with the struggle. Next time you find yourself doubting and grinding, just bring awareness to the fact that you are on your way to the peak BECAUSE you are struggling. You are not alone. In fact, you will come to embrace the struggle and realize it is a good thing. And once you reach your goal, you understand the struggle was the best part and what makes the 'achievement' moment what it is. Dedicated to your success, Gary Deagle


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