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The Most Overlooked Benefit Of Having A Coach...

Problem-solving. It is a close call, don't get me wrong. Accountability, motivation, personal attention are all important aspects. It certainly isn't equipment. The One Life and Planet Fitness' of the world have proved that. These types of gyms basically let you rent there equipment and leave you to "figure it out". Most of us don't. What they are missing the boat on is the simple fact his fitness thing is hard. Everyone is unique and runs into their own set of problems. This is where having a coach is key. What if you need to be shown how to do an exercise? Or you feel pain doing one and need to be shown the right way again with some tips? Maybe you eat healthy during the week but struggle with binge eating on the weekends and need help overcoming it... Enter: coaching to help problem solve. I would say 99% of our clients previously came from a One Life/Planet Fitness and struggled to make progress. Having fancy equipment available, tanning beds, pools, movie theatres... None of that mattered because it didn't help solve their real problems. Lack of confidence in what to do and how to do it right... Uncertainty and overwhelm with the best way to eat for their goals... Frustration and disappointment when they missed a couple days of the gym or got bored... When it comes to conquering these problems I have found more than anything else, coaching is the difference maker. This is why at Coastal Strength & Fitness we dont look at ourselves as a gym that provides workouts & equipment. We are a program that coaches you to unlock your true potential. Which involves plenty of problem solving, accountability and motivation along the way. :) Dedicated to your success, Gary Deagle

PS: If you're ready to take the first step and start solving your problems in 2018 click here.


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