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Member Spotlight: Steven Rioux

Newport News Weight Gym Joe

We believe our members are the heartbeat of our great community and provide amazing inspiration to others overcoming their own challenges.


1. When and Why did you first start coming to Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I got to a point in my life that I lost control of what I was eating and started getting lazy with any type of physical activity. After the holidays in 2018, I weighed in at 197 lbs. I joined Coastal in January 2019. I joined because I needed a change. I was tired of doing the same old workout routine and I needed to lose the extra pounds I gained

2. What fitness activities/sports were you doing before you joined Coastal?

Maybe three or four times a month I would do a 30-minute jog or walk. Some months I wouldn’t workout at all except for my Navy PT test every 6 months.

3. What results have you seen since you joined Coastal Strength & Fitness?

The biggest result is that I lost 42lbs. I went from a 40-inch waist to a 31-inch waist. I’m also a lot stronger. I started doing deadlifts at 150lbs and am now doing 290 lbs. I started doing incline dumbbell presses at 30lbs and now doing 65lbs.

4. What do you like most about Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I love the fact of having a personal trainer that shows how to do every exercise and tells you when you are maybe doing it wrong or motivates you to go harder.

I love having someone that gives nutrition advice that works.

What I love the most is the camaraderie. Coastal is not just a gym it is a family.

5. What is your favorite Coastal training day of the week and why?

Friday’s full-body workout and Saturday Smackdown!

Lightning Round Questions:

1. What is your Spirit animal?


2. If you were a Superhero, what would your super power be?

Super Strength.

3. What is your favorite treat meal?

Ice Cream.

Are you ready to begin your journey to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle?

Come visit us, meet our team, get to know us, learn more about our program, and experience our amazing culture, click here.


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