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'Perfect' Is Our Downfall...

Perfect start date. Perfect workout. Perfect diet. Perfect timing. We have all been there, rationalizing when 'X' holiday is over, but before 'X' birthdays weekend we have 3 weeks of no distractions... That is the perfect time to start my perfect workout and diet! Then that time comes, and we don't follow through... A series of doubt and negative self-talk follows as we feel like a failure for not even starting. The cycle continues... This cycle we are all familiar with isn't because of us not being good enough, though. It is because we place too much importance on everything being perfect... Perfect doesn't even exist! Something will always come up. Or get in the way. It is okay. Our plan does not have to be perfect, just better than what we were doing. Currently working out at the gym 0 times a month? Wouldnt 3 times next month be better than 0? It's not 16, but it's not 0... Overwhelmed trying to plan 3 or 4 healthy, square meals a day? Why not just focus on one of your meals a day for now? Not only does focusing on being better vs. being perfect work better... But it also makes it easier to get started. All the sudden when the first step doesn't seem so gigantic we find ourselves taking it. :) Dedicated to your success, Gary Deagle


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