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Member Spotlight: Amanda Jackson

Newport News Weight Gym Joe

Here at Coastal Strength & Fitness in Newport News, VA we believe our members are the heartbeat of our great community gym and provide amazing inspiration to others overcoming their own challenges.


1. When and Why did you first start coming to Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I will be celebrating my 3 year anniversary with Coastal in January 2022. I was just sitting around one day at home and a Coastal ad appeared in my news feed on Facebook. It said I could come in and try it out during one of your beginning of the year trials. I made an appointment to see Gary. I didn't know what I was getting into at first. I drove around the gym a few times thinking, this can't be it. I almost didn't walk in the door. I decided I had to try something because I was extremely overweight and my Crohn's disease was only getting worse. My family, health problems, and weight is why I decided to take the plunge.

2. What fitness activities/sports were you doing before you joined Coastal?

In High school and my early twenties, I played everything. Softball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, basketball, I essentially did it all and loved every minute. I don't have a lot of time being a mom of four so I was playing volleyball on a community team before I joined Coastal.

3. What results have you seen since you joined Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I am no longer in plus-sized jeans. I went from a size 22/24 and now I am a size 12 currently. I am still on my weight loss journey but thus far I have lost just over 100 pounds.

4. What do you like most about Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I love everything about Coastal. I don't have to think, "oh wait what am I doing today". I can just come in and enjoy the preplanned workout. The coaches have been my cheering section and rocks since day one. The encouragement of progress over perfection rings loud, but seeking and having me accountable has been a big step. Last but definitely not least, all the amazing people. I have made lifelong friendships with people who understand my journey and push and encourage it. If I slip a little the whole squad is there to pick me up and help carry me through. Honestly, they are more like family than anything and are open and loving people who genuinely want to see me succeed in all aspects of life.

5. What is your favorite Coastal training day of the week and why?

Any day that includes dumbbell Romanian deadlifts. I love watching the guys and ladies as it is one exercise that I really do well at and can go heavy. It's my favorite exercise!

Lightning Round Questions:

1. What is your Spirit animal?


2. If you were a Superhero, what would your super power be?

Super Strength.

3. What is your favorite treat meal?

Anything chocolate & pizza!

Are you ready to begin your journey to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle?

Come visit us, meet our team, get to know us, learn more about our program, and experience our amazing culture, click here.


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