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Losing 125 Pounds and Keeping It Off with Andrew Vaught

Andrew Vaught losing 125 pounds

Watching shows like 'The Biggest Loser' and then down the road reading about how everyone gains the weight back and ends up worse off than before can be disheartening...

The good news is, losing a ton of body fat AND keeping it off is possible. The problem is it just takes a less extreme approach that doesn't sell well on tv and in the magazines. It truly takes changing your lifestyle but most importantly replacing it with one that is sustainable and you can actually live with.

In today's podcast coach Gary and Will chat with CEO of Stay Roasted Andrew Vaught, who has done just that. We were lucky enough to meet Andrew years ago in an online fitness community and have since then got to hang out a bunch and become friends.

Andrew dives into everything from the actual workouts, the 'fun' beginnings of losing weight, and the not so fun plateaus and mental barriers that came along the journey. From being overweight to walking around with a 6 pack and everything in-between, Andrew gives you amazing insight on it all.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Andrew boosts our ego

  • Growing up in Memphis as the 'overweight kid'

  • The simple, small changes that started his weight loss journey

  • How Andrew fell in love with the journey

  • What makes the struggle so difficult in the beginning?

  • The roll positive & negative feedback from friends and co-workers played

  • Did Andrew almost fight over not eating someone's cookies?!

  • The exercise that went along with the weight loss

  • Realizing what the #1 factor was for his fat loss

  • The importance of trusting your coach/expert

  • Why it is okay to have a coach and ask for help

  • Getting the confidence to do Stand Up Comedy

  • Andrews struggle with 'maintaining' his results

  • The big negative he realized when he trained for a physique competition and got his leanest

  • Andrews #1 hobby: food. :)

  • Our favorite coffee

  • Stay Roasted, Andrews amazing coffee company (*special discount below for our listeners... if you like coffee)

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