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'After Hours' Part 1: Intermittent Fasting, Slower Reps, Training vs Straining

On episode #4 of Fit For Life Radio, the coaches are in Austin, Texas and decided to go in on an 'After-Hours' edition. With the help of some alcoholic beverages for extra clarity, they will be addressing hot topics. The coaches will cover intermittent fasting, quality of repetitions, and training vs straining.

Topics include:

  • What is the best middle name for William

  • Thoughts on Texas brisket and banana pudding

  • Podcasting and sipping beverage choices

  • Thoughts on intermittent fasting

  • Each coaches personal experience with intermittent fasting

  • The importance of QUALITY repetitions

  • Why slower can be better

  • The important difference of training vs straining

  • Tips for balance in your training

  • Why you need to know what your training for

  • The specific things the coaches train for

  • Find out if Coach Will and Ben can keep up with Gary on hikes.

  • Bens song of the week

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