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Gaining Muscle To Lose Fat

gaining muscle to lose fat

Have you ever lost some weight only to not really have the 'look' you imagined at your new bodyweight?

This is normally due to a lack of muscle which can be from never having much (thanks, chronic cardio!) or from losing a bunch in the dieting process (thanks, crash dieting!)

In today's podcast, the coaches dig in on some client and listener questions. Everything from what is the most optimal workout frequency for "gainz" to losing a bunch of weight but still having body fat

where you don't want it.

Check it out and as always, if you have a question of your own you want to be answered in the podcast email it to

Listen as we discuss:

  • The coaches talk about Thanksgiving plans and their favorite food

  • What is the optimal workout frequency for "gainz"

  • The lifestyle factors that can make it different for many

  • The difference between 'active' and 'sedentary' recovery

  • How to choose and know which is best for you

  • What to do when you hit your weight loss goal but still have fat you want to lose

  • The importance of understanding body composition (lean mass vs fat mass)

  • Why not losing weight in the beginning can be a good thing

  • The best "play" to win the long-term "game" aka where your workout focus should be to get and stay lean for life

  • How to handle a plateau after making some progress

  • Why it is important to learn to view plateau's as positive and necessary

  • The key trick to making that mindset shift

  • Ben's song of the week

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