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Adjusting Your Fitness to Mom Life with Kristen Harris

On episode #6 of Fit For Life Radio, we are excited to sit down with mom, wife, and fellow Coastal Strength & Fitness coach, Kristen Harris.

Kristen trained one on one back in the day with Gary and now is a busy mom & wife who also started working as a coach. Kristen shares some of her experiences with getting in the best shape of her life, then getting pregnant... only to eventually get back into even better shape post-baby!

We also dive into her current lifestyle and how she likes to balance things with fitness and fun. As well as how her transition into working with clients and the challenges of becoming a coach.

Topics include:

  • The coaches favorite performances from Austin City Limits

  • Kristen's experience with having a trainer

  • The key differences between 1-on-1 vs group training

  • The priority shifts that come with becoming a mom

  • Fitness goals: the importance of making a decision and being happy with it

  • Kristen's key tip to making her love for beer fit in her lifestyle

  • The parts about being a coach that Kristen loves

  • How learning to be a great coach in small steps translates to learning to be fit for life

  • The most important factor for Will's job security

  • The tactic that worked well for clients with our most recent transformation challenge

  • Ben AND Will's song of the week

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