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Coastal Strength & Fitness: 2017 Transformation Finalists

Help us give away $5,000!

5 women and men who completely changed their exercise, and eating habits, their bodies, and their lives. $5,000 in prize money for the most inspiring transformations. Scroll through these amazing photos and help us choose a winner.

Every day at Coastal Strength & Fitness, we help men and women in Newport News, Yorktown, and Hampton along with the rest of the world in our online program improve their exercise, eating habits and lifestyle.

They lose weight, gain strength, and completely transform their bodies, health, and fitness.

Last year we held a year long challenge and give them a big, motivating goal to shoot for: $5,000 in cash prizes.

Women and men come to us wanting big changes:

  • They want to lose weight and shed body fat.

  • They want to make healthier food choices, consistently.

  • They want to feel at ease, instead of stressed out, when eating.

  • They want to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

  • They want to start doing all the awesome things they previously wanted to but thought they couldn’t.

Above all, they want to become the fittest, strongest, healthiest versions of themselves.

In our experience, big, inspiring, life-changing goals like these are a whole lot easier to achieve when something awesome is at stake.

We had dozens of entries to choose from and the most un-fun process was narrowing it down to these 5.

And now, we need your help to choose our Grand Prize winner.

Help choose our Grand Prize winner (Top prize = $3,000)

The women and men below started their Coastal Strength & Fitness Coaching journey in all shapes and sizes...

How’d they do it?

No crash diets. No Biggest Loser-type bootcamps with coaches screaming at you. And no private chefs.

Just research-based nutrition and lifestyle habits practiced daily with smart workouts and personalized help from our expert coaches.

To vote for who you think should win the $3,000 Grand Prize, scroll through the photos below. Make your choice at the voting button at the bottom under all the pictures for which one you think achieved the best transformation.

Thanks for your help!

Finalist #1

Age: 46

Weight Lost: 43 Pounds

Inches Lost: 18 inches


Finalist #2

Age: 39

Weight Lost: 20 pounds


Finalist #3

Age: 53

Weight Lost: 68 pounds

Inches Lost: 40 inches


Finalist #4

Age: 43


(Body Recomp--Gained Muscle, Lost Fat)


Finalist #5

Age: 38

Weight Lost: 49 pounds

Inches Lost: 23 inches


Make your vote for the $3,000 Grand Prize winner

When making your vote, it’s important to remember that we’re not rewarding the best bodies per se. We’re rewarding the most incredible transformations.

At Coastal Strength & Fitness, we don’t expect people to have to start off or end up looking like fitness models.

We’re looking for winners who’ve made the most dramatic changes in their own bodies, starting from wherever they were at the beginning.

Our program is for men and women of all shapes and sizes. And your vote should reflect who you think achieved the most dramatic changes over the last 12 months.

Want to transform your body like these women and men did?

Most people know that regular exercise, eating well, sleep, and stress management are important for looking and feeling better. Yet they need help taking consistent action in the real world, AKA: their busy, stressful lives.

That’s why we work closely with our clients to provide the accountability, support, and guidance necessary to help them lose fat, get stronger, and improve their health… no matter what challenges and obstacles they’re dealing with.

Take the first step in working with us by scheduling your free strategy session today.


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