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Overcoming Eating Disorders and Finding Balance with Diego Diaz

Have you ever struggled with eating disorders or found yourself in a dark place where change felt impossible?

We have a deep, inspiring story with coach Diego Diaz in episode #8 of Fit For Life Radio this week. Diego is a coach at Coastal Strength & Fitness who used to struggle with being overweight, which lead to an extreme eating disorder and landed him at a rehab facility for 6 months.

Listen as Diego shares his story, how he turned things around, and his tips for keeping the balance now that he has found success.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Diego's health scare that landed him in rehab for 6 months

  • What he had to do in rehab

  • The main thing they try to figure out to help patients

  • His biggest challenges transitioning from rehab to the real world

  • The key to balancing his eating now without emotions

  • What you must learn to have a healthy relationship with food

  • Does Diego ever regret going through his eating disorder?

  • Coach Wills thoughts on Diego in the present day

  • Key lessons Diego has learned in his first year as a coach

  • Why it is important not to accept the first answer from a client

  • The importance of patience as a coach

  • Ben's song of the week

  • The gyms new location

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