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Don't End Up Like My Grandpa...

Today's post is a personal story from Ben, Coastal head coach, and Movement Therapy Practitioner. "Ok, a little truth for today. This is important, especially to those who want to quit.

My grandpa is personally responsible for turning me into what I am today. He taught me how to learn technique, teach technique, and create technique, which is the building block for success in anything we do. He chose sports of all kinds, golf, basketball, tennis, for example, to teach me how to learn, fail, and thrive.

He injured his shoulder sometime during my childhood and my learning stopped in this manner.

Grandpa was frustrated because he couldn't do what he used to be able to do, so he stopped trying.

I carried his education close to my heart but miss it everyday.

I'm not saying that him getting older isn't the reason he got hurt, but my problem is saying "its old age" is a bulls*** excuse to not want to get better. His frustration with limitations kept him from his grandson and I will never accept his choice as an option and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I happen to know what happens to us as we age. Not from 50+ years on earth and living it but from others who have experienced it and others who treat it. You are at a disadvantage as you age, I need to make that clear, but there is ALWAYS improvement potential. I don't know if what I know now could have gotten my grandpa's shoulder completely fixed like brand new, but I could have given him the ability to play with his grandkids (arthritis, bursitis, and partial rot cuff tear. Your doctor will tell you to just give up on things I personally help on a daily basis).

Whether it's with me, with your doctor and PT, or any other modality you respect, please don't quit. Please have the courage to look around you and see who you are affecting with "its too late for me." Dedicated to your success, Coach Ben PS: If you have movement issues or pain that is keeping you from doing things to your full potential, then we are offering you a FREE Postural Assessment with Ben. Click here to learn more.


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