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Does This Keep You From Starting?

Fear of failing. A post on our Facebook members group yesterday got me thinking... A client at Coastal recently posted about fitting into old jeans she hasn't been able to wear for years and how she wished she started at Coastal sooner. Now, my first thought was how excited I was for her, and this was a great chance to post a Jimmy Fallon GIF about getting my tight pants on. :) My second thought was wondering why people do wait... I know for me, whenever I delay doing something I want to do... It is because I am scared of failing at it. Starting means the possible beginning of confirming that fear. But, here is the thing... We only fail if we quit. I am confident that our client who is getting results and fitting into old jeans is succeeding because she is showing up and putting into action our nutrition strategies. She might have even spun her wheels for the first couple months, but she didn't quit. This is why I think accountability and support are so important. There is no such thing as a perfect, magical, unicorn workout or meal plan. What provides results is consistently doing SOMETHING.

Consistency requires accountability and support to stay on track. More and more we see this as the missing piece for many and make sure to emphasize it as a big part of what we do at Coastal What about you? In your experiences why do you put off doing things that deep down you know you want to do? Dedicated to your success, Gary Deagle


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