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Coastal's Daily 'Anchor' Checklist

woman over 40 deadlifting

At Coastal Strength & Fitness in Newport News, VA, we challenge the misconception that every workout should leave you exhausted and breathless.

We prioritize consistency and smart progression for long-term progress. Our workouts are designed to promote sustainable results by following a well-balanced training program, allowing for proper rest and recovery, and adopting a sensible approach to nutrition.

By focusing on these principles you'll experience lasting, sustainable changes in your fitness journey.

TRAINING: Rather than expecting instant results, our focus is on consistent training. Through our full-body strength-based training protocol you'll gradually build strength, endurance, and confidence while reducing the risk of injury. It's a progressive approach that delivers sustainable growth over time.

RECOVERY: Our training program incorporates rest and active recovery days because we understand the importance of avoiding burnout and injury. We factor in our clients over 40 who have many life responsibilities and stressors that need to be considered. Doing more in the gym does not mean more results. You need balance.

NUTRITION: At Coastal Strength & Fitness, we prioritize a long-term, balanced relationship with nutrition. Rather than relying on weight loss challenges or restrictive diets, we encourage our clients to focus on habits and skills needed to consistently eat better.

We understand that perfection isn't the goal, which is why we emphasize consistency with an effective 'dose" over an all-or-nothing mindset and trying to do as much as possible. Here is a simple list of some basic daily habits, or as we like to call them, anchors.

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