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"I have lost 45 pounds, gone down 3 pants sizes and 6 inches off my waist."

Newport News Weight Loss Transformation

We believe our members are the heartbeat of our great community and provide amazing inspiration to others overcoming their own challenges.


1. When and Why did you first start coming to Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I Started on Oct 3rd 2016. It was time to start taking care of myself better.

2. What fitness activities/sports were you doing before you joined Coastal?

Growing up I played all types of sports. Specifically, swimming competitively for 16 years.

3. What results have you seen since you joined Coastal Strength & Fitness?

It has been 7 months and I have lost 45 pounds, gone down 3 pants sizes and 6 inches off my waist. Even with all the weight loss, my strength has also increased unbelievably.

4. What do you like most about Coastal Strength & Fitness?

The community and coaches. There is nothing like it in the area period!

The coaches have everything planned out for you; your workouts, they have a nutritional program that works... but what really makes Coastal is the people, everyone is so supportive.

5. What is your favorite Coastal training day of the week and why?

I love Fridays cause' its total body and we usually end it with either some interval or circuit training.

Lightening Round Questions:

1. What is your Spirit animal?


2. If you were a Superhero, what would your super power be?

To be invincible.

3. What is your favorite cheat meal?

I really don't have cheat meal seriously..... I will say Pizza

Are you ready to begin your journey to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle?


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