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3 Body Transformation Secrets for Real World People [Who are Busy, Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Ready

Most of the time we know what we want.

We have been thinking about making changes to transform our bodies for a while. We start checking food labels, tracking our steps and wake up each day with the best of intentions.

Immediately we are hit with our usual distractions, fall into our regular old eating habits, procrastinate and put off exercise and end up constantly just thinking about the body transformation we want to have.

What if we could step away from those old habits?

What would it be like to take the steps needed, and make the choices needed in each moment?

Have you had these thoughts before?

We all have, but we also have a lot of those distractions that get in the way. There is no denying that you are busy, stressed and overwhelmed.

But, we are here to help. You can overcome these obstacles and transform your body. In fact, in our experience with real world people (like you), there are 3 secrets we have stumbled upon that help bring focus and clarity to your effort.

Truly commit to these 3 things daily, and you will be well on your way.


3 Body Transformation Secrets for Real World People

1. Make strength training, walking and whole foods your foundation

With over ten years in the training game, we have found the most effective and sustainable way to transform your body as a busy professional or parent who wants to maintain their career, family, and social life to be:

1. Eat whole, unprocessed foods 80-90% of the time

2. Strength train to build lean muscle & shape your body.

3. Walk more to increase cardiovascular efficiency, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress.

Eating healthy, whole foods helps improve the calorie-to-nutrient density ratio of your diet. Simply put, it lowers your calorie intake and increases your nutrient intake.

Strength training helps preserve lean muscle while dieting so you can make sure your weight loss comes from body fat, not lean muscle.

Lowering your calories and preserving muscle are the keys to body transformation.

Focus on eating:

  • meat

  • fish

  • eggs

  • vegetables

  • fruits

  • healthy starches (potatoes, rice, oats, quinoa, etc.)

Learn to execute the basic human foundational movements at the gym to preserve or build and shape lean muscle:

  • press

  • pull

  • squat

  • hinge

  • lunge

  • carry

Aim to walk at least 7k steps a day or make time for a 30-60 minute walk.

2. Find accountability and support

Changing your habits and lifestyle is tough enough as it is. Doing it alone is almost impossible.

It is important to seek out a coach and a team. Sports and the military are great examples of what is accomplished with the coach-team format. Even individual athletes in sports like tennis and track & field seek out coaches and train together in a group.

A coach helps you bridge the gap between your thoughts and actions. It gives you someone to share your goals with and make sure they are realistic, then maps out a plan and gives you someone to followup with.

Support from a team or group of like-minded people helps you in weak moments. Days, when you feel like you are struggling, knowing others are sharing the same struggle can help you bond and get through.

This kind of accountability and support is vital to making our body transformation effort last longer than the week or two they normally last trying on our own.

3. Take Personal Responsibility

The 3rd secret is the hardest to execute.

We now know what to do, what to eat, have a coach to lay out the road-map and a group to share our struggles with.

Now we must do it day in and out.

When something goes wrong, our first instinct is to blame our bad luck, pass the blame on to others, or the situation.

It’s much easier to pass the blame and responsibility onto something else, that way there is no guilt necessary when we are not taking action!

Blaming a workout or super-food for "not working," limited time, no healthy food available, bad genetics, etc.

Accepting personal responsibility is a lot more painful. It requires us to stop looking at the outside factors and truly reflect on our daily actions, which is not easy.

By accepting personal responsibility, we gain control of what happens.


Don't have accountability or a support system?

You can get both from Coastal Strength & Fitness. Click below to learn more and see what we have to offer.


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