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Beat The Weekend Binge With This Trick...

Just about all of us fall guilty to the weekend binge. We may nail our week and eat all our prepped and planned lean protein & veggie meals... Then blow it on the weekend. Entire pizzas. Packs of Oreos. Bottles of wine. Once we start with one thing it opens up the floodgates of guilt and makes it easier just to ride it out and stuff in all our favorites. It doesn't have to be this way. :) I want to share with you a little trick I like to use so you can have your treat and not binge all weekend. Simply, go out for your favorite treat. You know if you buy a quart of ice cream you will eat it all while watching Netflix over the course of the weekend. so just go out to Cold Stone with the fam' and get a couple scoops. Or instead of drinking 2 bottles of wine watching gilmore girls in your pj's, go out to a nice restaurant or wine bar and have a couple classes with friends. Yes, this is much more expensive and not as cost-effective, but that is part of the magic. :) You will drink or eat less in part because it costs more. Go out for pizza, eat and enjoy it until you are satisfied... Then leave what is left! If you bring an entire pizza into your house... you will eventually eat the entire pizza. Remember, what enters the house will eventually get eaten. Whether it is broccoli or peanut butter cups. So give yourself the best chance at success by making your home an environment that breeds healthy eating success and go out of the house for your treats and indulgences. Try it out one weekend and let me know how it goes. Dedicated to your success, Gary Deagle PS: If you're trying to make healthy changes like this and want the help of our coaches just click here.


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