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Are You In The Game?

coastal strength fitness warmup

This ‘healthy fitness lifestyle’ thing is much like a sport or game. We choose to play it, or we don’t participate and stay on the sidelines. Most people choose to stay on the sidelines because they are scared they won't be the best player on the field. This is a huge mistake. You see, just like any game… Becoming the best takes learning different skills, practicing those skills, gaining confidence, and eventually executing at a high level. Skills like cooking, meal prepping and planning, exercise, sleep rituals, stress relief, etc. It is okay to feel lost and overwhelmed when you first enter the game. Something that always made me feel better was having great teammates. Even when I ran track (an individual sport) we still had a team we trained and practiced with. This is how I look at Coastal Strength & Fitness… We are one big team. Everyone has their own individual goals, lifestyle, obstacles, and struggles to overcome… But, having coaches and teammates helps us develop the right skills, hone our skills faster, get support when we are learning, and have some fun with like-minded people along the way. And most importantly… Be in the game. The more ‘playing time’ you have, more consistent you get, the more skills you acquire over time, the easier the game gets. Next thing you know you are an All-Star helping out the rookies. 😊 Dedicated to your success, Coach Gary PS: If you're ready to get in the game and finally do it with a team, join our family here.


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