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All Things Massage Therapy with Jen Watson

woman over 40 deadlifting

In our recent episode of Fit For Life Radio, we had the pleasure of hosting a special guest, Jen Watson, the skilled owner of Firm Touch Therapeutic. With an impressive 16 years of experience in massage therapy, specializing in the intricate field of neuro-muscular therapy, Jen shared her wealth of knowledge with hosts Will and Gary.

🎧Listen to the Podcast Episode [here]

Exploring the World of Neuro-Muscular Therapy

In this episode, Jen takes us on a journey through the fascinating world of neuro-muscular therapy. Have you ever wondered about the unique benefits this specialized massage technique could bring to your overall well-being? As a practitioner and educator of neuro-muscular classes, Jen provides valuable insights into the principles and advantages of this therapeutic approach.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover the Power of Massage & Neuro-Muscular Therapy: Jen unravels the benefits and transformative power of neuro-muscular therapy, shedding light on how it goes beyond mere relaxation.

  2. Insights from 16 Years of Expertise: Learn how Jen's extensive 16-year career in massage therapy shapes her unique approach to this holistic practice.

  3. The Vital Importance of Muscles: Explore the significance of muscle health and why exercising to build them at any age is a vital component of overall well-being.

  4. Therapeutic Benefits Beyond Relaxation: Delve into the therapeutic benefits of neuro-muscular therapy, discovering how it contributes to a more vibrant and healthier life.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, curious about the benefits of massage, or eager to unravel the magic of muscles, this episode is a must-listen. Join us in unlocking the secrets of muscle magic with the knowledgeable Jen Watson.

🎧 Listen to the Podcast Episode [here]

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