'After Hours' Part 2: When We Struggled To Workout, Psoas Tightness, 'The Office'

On episode #5 of Fit For Life Radio, the coaches are in Austin, Texas and start to fall apart in the 'after hours'. Luckily they get in a great discussion on their biggest struggle with wanting to workout at all. Also, Coach Ben geeks out on a question about psoas tightness. The bourbon and vodka continue to flow and the show slowly morphs to pure entertainment and deep discussion... :)

Topics include:

  • White bread & BBQ

  • When waiting in line for BBQ goes wrong

  • Stories of when we didn't want to workout

  • What to do to avoid psoas tightness

  • Kill, Marry, Fork...

  • 3-6-Mafia interlude

  • Thoughts on The Office & Seinfeld

  • Ben's song of the week

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