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The Problem With Goals...

Every year I look back on some of my goals from the previous year and all I can see is the ones I failed to achieve.

Dwelling on the failures and not even giving my self any credit for the victories…

Tisk, Tisk.

I know better than that. We need to celebrate our victories. 😊

But, putting that aside for now…

The main problem with goals is that we love making them, but don’t actually plan to achieve them.

When I think back on the goals I did not reach, I quickly notice I have up on them at the first sign of failure.

We spend a ton of time coming up with the exact, detailed thing we want to accomplish that we know will change our life…

And we stop there.

No real plan for executing it, at least not one that takes failure into account.

We should plan to fail, and have a plan for when we do.

That way, we can get back on track and achieve the goal.

In my almost 13 years as a fitness coach I have seen many people achieve their fitness goals, but I have yet to see ONE SINGLE PERSON achieve them without failing along the way.

There will always be a roadblock or obstacle that gets in the way.

What is your plan when that happens?

Cutting out gluten for your Whole 30 diet and on day 17 you have a slice of bread out at a restaurant?


Welp, failed that plan… give me the entire loaf.

Planned on 4 workouts a week and only got 2 on your third week in. I am a failure, I just can’t make time for this…

Sound familiar?

We need to make sure we have some way of staying the course when we experience a setback or failure of any kind.

This is where having a friend or coach who is aware of your goal is essential and can help hold you accountable.

I challenge you to make 2018 your best year ever. You will do so by not only setting goals, but making sure you have a plan for the setbacks that come and embracing failure.

Dedicated to your success,

Gary Deagle

PS: Every Friday this January is Bring-A-Friend Day at Coastal. Since we are friends, I want to extend the offer for you to come get a free workout in and check us out at Coastal Strength & Fitness. You can get more details and RSVP here.

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