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Why Do Most People Quit Exercise Programs? [And 5 Steps to Prevent It]

We all know the drill.

New years, right before summer, back to school...

All times of the year motivation is high to start an exercise program.

Sadly, majority of people quit near the beginning or halfway through the program they start on. But some people catch on, get results and stick with it. So if you are not one of those people it must be your fault, right?

The magazine ad, commercial, or program did say amazing weight loss in 4 weeks!

New you in 8 weeks!

Well crap, here you are at 8 weeks and none of that happened.

Should you try harder? Or are you just doomed and a failure who can't hold their end of the bargain for

the magical 4 week program.

I will let you in on a secret...

You were lied to.

It isn't your fault. You just had the wrong expectations and when they aren't met, it is only natural to want to quit.

The truth is:

Change is hard.

It takes a daily commitment and focusing on small details. Body transformation takes time and commitment. No one wants to tell you that because it does not sell. No one wants to waive money at something that is hard and takes a year of daily consistency and lifestyle habit changes.

We are here to tell you that if you focus on the right things you can have a great transformation in a year. More importantly, one that lasts a lifetime.

Most exercise programs go with the "eat less, move more" mentality that always ends in you burnt out and/or injured and not able to train for weeks at a time and day dreaming of dipping donuts into ice cream. Which you end up doing, but its okay... just go to the gym and make yourself really exhausted and beat down so next time you will have more will power against the donuts because of how hard and long you had to train to pay for your discretion's.

Instead of making exercise and nutrition out to be punishment. Lets come at this from a place of positivity so we can actually enjoy the process and keep it up for the long run!

How To Start an Exercise Program AND NOT QUIT:

1. Lower your expectations. If it sounds too good to be true. It is.

2. Don't starve yourself. Be more mindful while you eat and eat as much as you need to be 80% full. Satisfied, but not stuffed... so to speak.

3. Stop punishing yourself and trying to "burn calories" at the gym. Start focusing on building muscle and being a strong bad ass.

4. Learn to love yourself. Give yourself credit for the smallest of victories and stop comparing yourself to others.

5. Repeat on a daily basis.

If all these still seems overwhelming and you want to be part of a community and exercise program that does all these things for you...

Reach out to us and start the conversation so we can learn more about you and see if our program is the best fit.

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