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Coastal Crew Spotlight: Thomas Hartman

We believe our members are the heartbeat of our great community and provide amazing inspiration to others overcoming their own challenges.


1. When and Why did you first start coming to Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I came to a charity Smackdown in February 2016. I used to bust my sister Allison's stones saying she went to a "Crossfit gym" and man, was I wrong. Looking to lean out the right way from vicious bulking and leaning cycles, Coastal provided the proper balance of strength, cardio and nutritional guidance that I was in search of.

2. What fitness activities/sports were you doing before you joined Coastal?

Many activities were limited due to ACL/Meniscus surgery, bodybuilding and softball took a severe hit until I joined Coastal. Worries of re-injuring my knee crossed my mind every second. Now, because of Coastal, I've been able to lift properly and run the bases without any support from a knee brace.

3. What results have you seen since you joined Coastal Strength & Fitness?

Once Gary and I came up with a meal plan to fit my routine, my strength has sky rocketed and slowly but surely leaning out and gaining great muscle definition.

4. What do you like most about Coastal Strength & Fitness?

The family atmosphere, it's tough to describe but we all know the feeling. I've gained 100+ brothers, sister, moms and dads. The support fuels each and every workout and really makes you crank out one more rep.

5. What is your favorite Coastal training day of the week and why?

Upper body, of course. Well because "bis for the guys" or "curls for the girls" whichever fits you, it always keeps you coming back.

Lightening Round Questions:

1. What is your Spirit animal?

Panda. Panda. Panda. 🐼🐼🐼

2. If you were a Superhero, what would your super power be?

Super Human Strength. Like the HULK!

3. What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza. Ham, pineapple, chicken, bacon, onions and BBQ sauce. MiPi 🍕, you're the real MVP.

Are you ready to begin your journey to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle?

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