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Coastal Crew Spotlight: Kim Morgan

We believe our members are the heartbeat of our great community and provide amazing inspiration to others overcoming their own challenges.


1. When and Why did you first start coming to Coastal Strength & Fitness?

When it first opened and there were approx. 2 to 3 people in each class. Gary's sister in law, Heather, convinced me to start...bc well, I'm getting old and needed to lose some weight, tone up and gain some speed back. Plus, these ham hocks of mine were out of control...

2. What fitness activities/sports were you doing before you joined Coastal?

Dodgeball, kickball, softball, basketball, soccer. I also ran a lot.

3. What results have you seen since you joined Coastal Strength & Fitness?

I’ve lost 20 lbs, which was one of my goals from the start. My little noodle arms aren't as noodly anymore. My back has that strong girl look to it, and my butt is more firm and less jiggly. I also can throw a ball harder, and I'm faster running around bases.

My pictures might not be as impressive as some, but I can see and feel the changes every day to my mind, body and yes, even my spirit from going to this gym.

Coastal has changed my life, and I happily will continue to walk beneath that “Jazzercise” sign multiple times a week and be thankful for the only program that has ever worked for me.

Also, kudos to everyone who continues to push me to be better and stronger through the examples of what you have been able to accomplish and achieve.

To Gary, Will and Ben: Thanks for being the most awesome and fit threesome in the 757...

To Man Bun: Nice shoes.

4. What do you like most about Coastal Strength & Fitness?

It's not boring to me. I always get bored, but this program is actually fun (aside from ladders). I've also met some really cool chicks here. A couple of ok dudes. And my trainers are good, knowledgeable and quite humorous (Like, I came in yesterday and Ben was prancing around in a fabulous blonde wig and black leggings pretending to be Coastal’s “newest” female member...I love this kind of randomness, and it keeps things interesting and unpredictable).

5. What is your favorite Coastal training day of the week and why?

Well it isn't ladder day, that's for sure! Hate them suckers...Umm, it's a toss up between a good leg day and a good cardio day. I like working on my lower half, but I also enjoy running and that type of thing because it's what I'm used to and have always enjoyed. Can I just add that I love glute bridges? Most favorite thing ever. Ok. That is all.

Lightening Round Questions:

1. What is your Spirit animal?


2. If you were a Superhero, what would your super power be?

Invisibility. I like to be sneaky.

3. What is your favorite cheat meal?

Cookies. Yes. I can make a meal of them. A very large meal of them...

Are you ready to begin your journey to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle?

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