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Tip: Don't Forget About Pushups

We get it.

While searching instagram you see one picture or video after another of people squatting with one foot on a kettlebell, bench pressing with 2 girls sitting on the bar, and someone doing one arm handstand pushups on a rail overlooking the grand canyon.

While there are some impressive videos of 94 different pushup variations; we want you to focus on the one that comes first and that 90% of the population can't do correct.

A basic pushup.

Step 1: You want to focus on having tension throughout your body. Your hands should be under your shoulders, core braced tight, glutes squeezed tight and quads flexed.

Yes, it is a lot to think about.

Step 2: As you descend your elbows should go back by your sides at a 45 degree angle. NOT flared out at 90 degrees like you see most of the time.

Step 3: You then pause before the ground, keeping all your tension. Then push up, keeping your knees, hips, and shoulders all aligned and moving as one unit.

That is one rep!

These are a lot harder than sloppy ones that people just fly through.

Do not expect to be able to do them on the floor right away. In the beginning it may be best to elevate the surface your hands are on to make it easier.

Then over time as you get stronger you can lower the elevation of your hands until you are eventually on the floor.

Now get to pushing!

Depending on your strength levels you can start out with a few sets of 4-8 reps at the proper elevation.

Once you can do 8 reps with perfect form at a certain elevation, move your hands down to a lower elevation.

Then work that height for a couple weeks until you can eventually do it for 8 perfect reps.

Over time you will make it to the floor and have them mastered. Next, you can do higher repetition sets or add resistance with chains or bands. Then you can move on to tougher variations like dips and handstand pushups.

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