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10 Reasons You Should Join Us For Yoga

A lot of people may be confused as to why a gym called Coastal "STRENGTH & FITNESS" has yoga.

Well, we truly believe yoga is part of a complete workout program. When looking to add yoga to our program we found THE BEST yoga instructor in the area, Jillian Simms. We have been blessed to have her and since our mission is to offer the best quality with everythinng we do.... it is a perfect fit.

To overcome some of the mental and physical doubt you may have about yoga, we have had Jillian give us her top 10 reasons you shoud do yoga:

1. Flexibility. There is no doubt that we are all building muscle and improving our cardio during our workouts. It’s also important to maintain a certain level of suppleness in our muscles.

Building flexibility is the “yin” to our muscle building “yang”.

Flexibility helps prevent injury as we stretch with warm muscles and helps to relieve nagging pains caused by rigidity in the body. Flexibility does not just happen. Here is where we put our work in.

2. Alignment. Alignment and form are important for our workouts and our everyday lives. Yogic form and workout form align as both strive to keep the practitioner safe.

Practicing proper alignment helps to build your muscle memory and spatial awareness, allowing you to deepen your ability to execute proper alignment during your workout.

3. Strength. While we only work with our body weight in yoga, many poses challenge our muscles in unique ways. Practicing yoga will strengthen your body in a way that is complementary to your workout.

4. Breathing. In yoga we train our breath while we train our body. Tuning into our breath as we move is a valuable tool that is often overlooked.

Respiration by nature gives the body what it needs to function but when we train the breath, it also helps to maintain focus and maximize each breath as our muscles work and our heart rate increases.

5. Mobility. Range of motion is an important aspect to maintaining a healthy body. The postures and transitions we move through in yoga help to increase mobility in a safe and effective way.

6. Balance/Stability. We’ve all had a moment during our workout where a simple exercise is disrupted by struggles in maintaining balance (especially when fatigue sets in).

Through your yoga practice you are constantly maintaining balance and stability in various postures and transitions. The only way to develop better balance is to practice.

7. Accessibility. Yoga is for everyone. If you’ve never taken yoga at Coastal, forget everything you think yoga is and isn’t. A lot of the time when people think of yoga they imagine a hippie chick sitting in lotus pose saying, “om”.

There is a wide spectrum of yoga styles and approaches and they’re all awesome...

But the scenario previously described is not what you’ll find here. The Coastal community vibe is still present during our yoga practice. EVERYONE is welcome!

8. Sweat. While yoga is low impact, you still get to sweat. It is still a workout. For those who like to get in a workout as often as possible, practicing yoga is a great way to still work up a sweat while also giving your body some valuable rest.

9. Relaxation. At the end of every class we observe a time for relaxation. For a well-balanced lifestyle we shouldn’t just focus on getting our butts kicked in the gym. We also need to carve out quality relaxation time for our bodies and minds to recover. This is why yoga also trains us on how to relax. Hard work and rest are key elements to our ability to progress and perform.

10. Trust your trainer. Gary wouldn’t have added yoga if it didn’t add value to your overall fitness program!

If you want to try yoga out and are not a member then let's schedule your strategy session and start learning more about you and your goals!

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