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9 Reasons You're Not Losing Fat [Infographic]

Millions of burpees.

Hardcore dieting.

Still not much fat loss? What do you have to do more of? And what do you really have to give up?

Make no mistake, there are real trade-offs as you attempt to lose fat and improve your health. In this infographic, we outline what could be holding you back. So you can consider what factor may be holding you back the most for getting the body you really want while living the life you really enjoy.

Want help sorting all this out?

This is simple stuff. But it’s not necessarily easy to put into practice, especially with the consistency needed to see results.

If you feel like your current program or lack of plan is part of the problem, consider learning more about how to workout and eat to achieve true, lasting fat loss with a sustainable approach built for successful professionals, moms, and people with lives outside of the gym through our program at Coastal Strength & Fitness.

If you’re looking to chat and get some expert support, signup for a free strategy session so we can see what is holding you back and how we can help you breakthrough those barriers.

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