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Stop Skipping The Most Important Step(s)


The biggest reason I see people fail in reaching their goals is they skip progressions. Everyone wants to go from 0 to 60 and make it happen on day 1.

Going on a diet to get ready for summer?

Let's go from breakfast sandwiches, snicker bars, and chicken nuggets to a 6 pack bag of chicken breast & broccoli.

Destined to crash and burn.

Ready to start working out and getting fit?

Lets look at the crossfit champion of the worlds workout and do what he does. Surely working out 7 days a week, 2 times a day, with exercises that take years of practice is how you can have ripped abs tomorrow.

Now-a-days if you start researching working out you will stumble across videos and information on exercises like muscle-ups, barbell snatches and cleans.

Guess what?!

99% of people do not need to be doing these unless you plan to compete in a sport that includes them. Most people just need to counter all the sitting they do at work and have at least a 6 month journey of pushup progressions to do 1 proper pushup.

Forget everything that goes into doing a barbell snatch.

The great news is you will lose weight, get stronger, and feel more confident working towards mastering the basics.

Developing perfect form on basic bodyweight, kettlebell, dumbell, and some bodybuilding exercises to look great and feel confident are all you need.

Add in some high intensity conditioning methods for your heart health and to burn some fat and your covered.

Do not let fitness intimidate you.

Starting at 0 workouts a week and a value menu diet?

Then add in 3 workouts a week and start having some free range eggs or a protein & fruit smoothie for breakfast.

Worry about nothing else until those are habits.

Then start adding more intensity to your workouts by lifting a little bit heavier weights and resting a little bit less. Switch dinner to lean protein and a healthy starch like rice or potatoes.

Simple progressions.

This is what leads to real, lasting results.

It is also what we are all about at Coastal Strength & Fitness.

Come try us out for a month and see how you like it, talk to the members and find out more about their journeys and progression.


Gary Deags'

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