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3 Training Tips For Real World Results

Most people spend too much time trying to do everything at an extreme level. They want to win the olympics in weight lifting, gymnastics, and the 4oo meter dash.

They are convinced that they need to train two times a day and burnout every workout for change in their body.

Don't forget your 40 hour a week job, relationships, kids, hobbies, traffic, and finding the time to sleep!

Let's get real people.

We have limited time in the gym and need to do less to get more. Stick with the essential basics that will make you dominate real world activities...

...and look good in smaller amounts of clothing.

Tip #1) Master Your Bodyweight

I am tired of seeing people trying to master full barbell snatches and power cleans when they can not even do a pushup.

One. single. proper. pushup.

Please explain this?

Focus on getting good at these for functional strength and avoiding injuries:

  • pushups

  • chinups and inverted rows

  • single leg squat variations

  • slider leg curls

  • plank variations

Big barbell power lifts and olympic lifts are not for most people. Focus on building your base of mastering your bodyweight. You will notice more carryover to the real world, less injuries, and better fat loss results.

Tip #2) Push, Pull, and Carry Stuff

Most of the time this is what you do on a daily basis.

Carry the kids, push the lawnmower, drag your huge amazon delivery into your house, help a friend move, make your grocery haul in one trip, etc.

These are the things most people get injured doing as well. Make it a point to train these movements and you will bulletproof yourself from injury and make everything feel easier.

Start pushing heavy sleds, dumbbells or landmine units with one arm at a time. Carrying kettlebells and medicine balls, pulling ropes, bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Your body will thank you.

Tip #3) Sprint

This is the original form of exercise and something most of you have not done since you were a kid. Sprinting works your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which you slowly lose as you age. Training them keeps them working and keeps you young.

Sprints also the best fat burning exercise of all time. Nothing jacks your heart rate up like sprinting. Everyone is different in their capabalities based on past injuries, mobility, age, weather, etc. We recommend these options for "sprinting":

  • Hill sprints

  • Sled sprints

  • Bike sprints

  • Rower sprints

  • Shuttle sprints

If all this is making sense to you and you want to start incorporating these things into your workout routine then check us out at the best gym in the Yorktown & Newport News area, Coastal Strength & Fitness.

You get workouts programmed by an expert trainer with over 10 years of experience in a fun, positive, motivating environment that breeds results.

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