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The 3 Ultimate Wedding Workout Exercises

Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding day.

The venue...

The flowers....

The dress.....

and how you look in your dress!

The back and arms are always on full display and every bride to be wants to know how to get a lean, toned back & arms.

Most magazines or trainers are going to have you on a bunch of machines or curling soup cans.

You will find the truth in the basics, which are actually not so basic in execution.

Enter: The chinup and pushup.

Simple and basic exercises, but most people can not do them with correct form. Aim to do each of them and throw in some high intensity conditioning with the sled and you will have the ultimate wedding ready body.

The problem is you can not just go slop through a bunch of improper pushups and chinups. The magic is in the journey to achieving them.

Even if you do not do one real chinup and 10 perfect pushups by the big day, just working towards them will get you what you are looking for.

The ultimate wedding back & arms.

At Coastal Strength & Fitness we strive towards all our members getting their chinup and 10 perfect pushups. If you have the required equipment you can even work on these at home!

In the videos below we will go over the goal and the different variations that will get you there.

1. The Pushup

The pushup will work your triceps (back of your arm), and shoulders (specifically the front of your shoulder).

Most people do not have enough strength in their core and upper body to maintain the proper positioning to get the most out of it. To fix this we focus on working backwards and building the strength in reverse. Then starting in an easier position and working down to the floor.

2. The Chinup

The chinup will work all your back muscles, your biceps, and the back part of your shoulder. This is a challenging exercise and a long journey for anybody. A lot of factors come into play like bodyweight, strength of your muscles and ligaments, and patience!

The best place to start is with a band pull down to work the muscles you will be using and build up the strength in your shoulder area. Once you are ready the next step is band assisted chinups.

In this situation the band is your friend and helps push you up. Overtime as you improve you use less and less help from the band until you do not need it anymore!

3. The Sled Push

We would be letting you off easy if we did not work in some conditioning. We are not talking about long bouts on the treadmill or elliptical, though. That will get you nowhere.

Instead you need high intensity conditioning that gets your heart rate high and challenges you. This is what produces the lean & toned physiques of sprinters. One of the easiest & safest ways to do this is pushing a sled. It is easy to learn and something we use at Coastal on a weekly basis.

The Ultimate Wedding Exercises Recap:

- High intensity conditioning twice a week

- Work towards a chinup using the band for help

- Work towards 10 pushups using easier versions that you can do with correct form

- Walk down the aisle with everyone admiring how great you look in your beautiful dress!

If you have trouble sticking with a workout program and think having a positive, motivating environment to provide accountability and that includes all these exercises then read more about our month trial and fill out the contact form to get started towards achieving your goals!

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