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Are You?

Weekends are awesome aren't they!?

You get to unwind, do some fun things you have planned.

Maybe sleep in....

Then the weekend is ending and you find yourself more stressed than before it started.

"Oh No!" You think to yourself. I have so much to do this week and I did not get anything done this weekend I planned on.

Stress, anxiety, and worry begins to creep in.

This happened to me over the weekend in fact. My wife's birthday was Sunday and I did not want to spend anytime on work stuff (which I do some on Sunday's).

Then as the day was unwinding I started thinking about everything I put off and how much I had to do. I started the process of creating stress that did not even exist.

Why doesn't it exist, you ask?

Because, it will get done and they world will stay in one piece. I figured this out when I got in to the gym at 6:15am and Will greeted me then our 6:30 class and all the great personalities.

Positive people surrounded me and I was immediately in an awesome mood and ready for whatever.

After the morning sessions were all done I knocked out my workout and felt even better.

Never underestimate the power of a great environment and a good workout to knock out any stress you have. Followed by insane amounts of motivation to get work done instead of stress over the what if's.

Stress sucks.

Anxiety sucks.

Worry sucks .

My only remaining question for you is:

Are you willing to do something about it?

Everyone deals with stress, anxiety, and worry. But not everyone does anything about it. Surround yourself by a motivating and fun environment that will squash your stress.

Lose your worry.

Gain your confidence.

At Coastal Strength & Fitness, we do MUCH more than nutrition and training....and if you're ready and committed to change it all and take the power back and control your outcomes, then let's have a conversation:

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