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9 Ways to Live a Happier Life

When it comes down to it everyone just wants to be happy. A lot of people think they want to be rich because having money will be the ticket to getting things that make them happy.

This may be the case, but more often than not once you get the "stuff" you still aren't happy.

Here lies the problem.

Happiness is a choice, not a destination.

Ever notice how some people are always pissed off no matter what? 15 degrees out…. Man its freezing this sucks. ( I agree)

Then when it is 85 degrees and sunny that same person is saying, “Man, its hot… I hate sweating walking to the mailbox.”

“Ugh, I hate mornings.” Etc.

You can catch your self falling into this trap, but it is just as easy to find the positive and focus on that.

Below is a list of things I found useful in living a happier life and being a person others can look to for positive vibes.

1. Don’t hit the snooze button.

It’s like saying no to life.

2. Meditate.

You don’t have to sit like a monk and shave your head. Just take 5-20 minutes to clear your mind and be more present. Notice your breathing, how your body feels, noises around you.

3. Keep a gratitude journal.

Just writing down a few things a couple times a week that you appreciate will help keep positive things at the forefront of your mind. It could be that the sun was shining one day, or someone helped you with a project at work, or a funny text you got.

It’s the small things.

Half the people on the planet don’t even have clean water to brush their teeth with. Yeah….things aren’t so bad are they?

4. Break a sweat.

Even though the science is there to back the benefits of exercise on mood and well being I don’t need to see it. I know how I feel after working out and all the countless Coastal Crew members who flash smiles to me everyday.

5. Think experiences over stuff.

I still laugh and reminisce about great trips with friends and family. We tell the same stories and will continue to tell them, because they make us happy. That cool car or pair of jeans that I just had to have so bad…. Not so much. Spend your money on the experiences.

6. Eat healthy foods.

What a quick way to feel happier on a daily basis? Eat more fruit and veggies and less sugar and flour. You will feel better mentally and physically.

7. Learn to breathe proper.

Most people take short choppy breaths which causes you to have anxiety and be high strung all the time.

Dont believe me? Try this….. take a good inhale and then make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale. Take a few nice breaths that way and tell me you don’t feel instantly more calm.

8. Laugh everyday.

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?

Find ways to laugh more. Surround yourself with funny people, watch Seinfield, listen to your favorite comedians skits, etc. There are plenty of ways to do this.

9. Join Coastal Strength & Fitness!

You can check a lot of things off this list and will be a happier person. Surround yourself by happy people, tons of laughs, and you will definitely break a sweat.

In the words of the great Bob Marley: "Just can't live that negative way...make way for the positive day."

I hope you can implement a few of these and start living a happier life. Let us know below some things you do to bring happiness or have found to help you the most.

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